Internal Steel Doors

Internal steel doors bring a sense of space and light into any home or business

An aesthetic and transparent feeling of space...

Example of our internal steel doors
Attractive Living with a Zenic Steel Door

Interior steel doors give a home or business an instant sense of style, space and light.

Steel is the strongest material you can use for doors – both external and inside - which means the frames can be very thin without losing any of that incredible strength.

In short, they can be as big or small as you want and are ideal for high rooms or over-sized doorways. The usual limitations certainly don’t exist when it comes to internal steel doors.

That means the doors can take more glass, giving a roomy feeling wherever they are with the sleek and stylish frames having a naturally minimalist feel. If the last thing you want is chunky or bulky door frames, then steel is the way to go.

Internal steel doors are a wonderful product for inspiring stunning interior design – ideal for contemporary architecture but can also breathe a whole new life, feel and look into ancient buildings.


Steel doors can be manufactured to fit any space in your home or business – be that new build or renovating a fantastic old building. They are ideal for refurbishments of former factories, warehouses or industrial buildings, letting natural light into what were often naturally dark places.

Steel interior doors have excellent thermal insulation so are the perfect choice for sectioning off the hallway from the main living space in your home or working areas in the office.

It also means they keep sound out so they can contain the noise and hustle and bustle of everyday family life in the living room.

And if you’re cooking, the internal steel doors will keep the smells in the kitchen and away from the dining room or rest of the house.

In businesses, thin steel glazed doors are a cool way to divide open plan offices, create meeting rooms and form walkways.

Yet, because the frames are so thin you feel that it’s a door that isn’t a door – it provides a separate space while also creating a sensation of openness. Think of it almost as an internal full-length window to another room that you can leave open or shut, a room within a room. That’s why you won’t find a more elegant way to divide up your home or office.


  • A Seamless flow between rooms and flush floors
  • No threshold
  • Steel industrial look with slimline glazing bars
  • Distinctive traditional or contemporary door handles and accessories
  • Choice of colour for your unique look
  • A real talking point for your open plan home or office.
  • Slimline Steel Profiles
  • Multifaceted design freedom
  • Excellent Thermal Insulation
steel door handles

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"We love our steel doors! The quality of the workmanship is truly excellent and everyone that visits agrees they are the centrepiece of our house renovation. Everything was delivered efficiently and on time and the company was very accommodating. Highly recommended." - Georgina, Yorkshire.

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Customer Service - 100%
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Internal Steel Doors

Internal steel doors are also a naturally sustainable choice. Steel doors will last for decades – they won’t warp, bend or crack - and then can be recycled many times over.

They also need no maintenance apart from a wipe with a duster or damp cloth once in a while.

The slimline look and fit means the profiles can go down to 25mm with fixed glazing to a depth of just a few millimetres.

And when it comes to opening and closing them steel’s a synch as they can be on sliders, they make ideal internal French doors or can be on the more traditional open and shut hinges. If you opt for sliding doors it will instantly give you multifunctional space – great for hosting parties at home or a business convention in the office.

So, if you want a feeling of high-end luxury that lets more light and a feeling of space into wherever you live or work – be that a modern apartment, old townhouse or commercial premises – it’s high time to go for steel.


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